Wildlife Gardens you can live in...

“You know a garden has truly become a habitat when you can hear the wildlife all around you. If you sit in your garden and you don’t hear birds and bees, and see butterflies, there is still work to be done.” Mimi Elmore

The Most Sustainable Landscapes Boulder Colorado Offers

An apartment balcony. A townhouse backyard. A house in town with a good size yard. Or, even a farm in the country. You can join the thousands of people across the country who have already made the commitment to restoring wildlife habitat, one yard and garden at a time with sustainable landscaping practices. The goal is simple. Provide food, water, cover and a place for birds to raise their young. Contact Wild by Design, one of the forerunners and the premeire wildlife habitat landscape designer in Colorado. Building enjoyable outdoor living environments and sustainable wildlife habitat is not difficult, but it does take a plan and the skills to build for our climate and native wildlife.

Most people know Wild by Design for their habitat creation, but they are also one of the best landscaping design companies in Boulder, Colorado. Serving Boulder and surrounding communities they excel at landscape lighting design as well.

Best Company for Yard Design in all of Boulder

If creating a habitat for birds, bees and butterflies around your home appeals to you, then Wild by Design is here to help you bring bring nature home. For yard design in Boulder Colorado that incorporates your conservationist impulses trust Mimi and her knowledgeable team at WbD. If you are looking for hardscape design in or near Boulder Colorado look no further than Wild by Design. Landscape professional and perennial plant expert Mimi Elmore is ready to convert your garden into a certified wildlife habitat.  She and her WbD team will design and construct the perfect habitat that suits your yard and your specific goals using only the most advanced landscape design techniques in Boulder, Colorado. At WbD, along with our partners at Aspen Moon, we build stone patios, terraces, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, water features, low water lawns, irrigation systems, and the gardens needed for a successful habitat. We are leaders in the industry.  And, once your wildlife habitat is complete, we can help you get National Wildlife Federation Certification and keep your garden beautiful for years to come.

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